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The Big Tex Ranch

is the place to come for over thirty different mutations of peafowl. We offer quality birds and will ship them almost anywhere in the continental United

We have a "state of the art" facility for breeding and take our breeding program very seriously. We are mainly a wholesale hatchery but cater to individuals, also. Feel free to contact us about anything pertaining to your peafowl needs. We are happy to share any knowledge we have as we were where you are now once. We also raise and breed Longhorn cattle. Contact us if you need more information pertaining our longhorns. You will find most of what you need to know about our birds on the pages in this site but, if you don't, don't hesitate to call. Thank you for visiting our site and be sure to sign the guest book and give us your questions or comments.



We raise Peafowl and Longhorn Cattle
We are also a breeder of registered Longhorn cattle.


What We Do

We take our peafowl breeding and raising very seriously and hope to pass on information that will have your


Our Birds

Purple Peacock, Bronze Peacock,White Spaulding Peacock, Java's, Black Shouldered, Blue Pied, Pied Oaten White Eyes, Oaten, Opal


Contact Us

Bill & Monte Haney
P.O. Box 612,
Healthy happy JavasAngleton, Texas 77516


Big Tex Ranch - Bill and Monte Haney
P.O. Box 612, Angleton, Texas 77516